What we do

The core expertise of Newpage is in gambling regulation. The company advises in three key areas: regulatory frameworks, market analysis, and taxation regimes.

Regulatory Frameworks

Newpage advises Governments on how best to undertake gambling legalisation or liberalisation, with regard to the social, economic, cultural and political context. We are experienced in providing such advice in highly diverse environments, including Macau, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan.

There is no generic model of gambling regulation which fits all situations. Newpage provides drafting instructions which are clear, timely and oriented towards the legal system in which a gambling regulatory framework is to be established.

We train and support gambling regulators in the performance of their functions, and assist them to develop processes and systems which will alleviate the cost burden regulation may represent, and ensure the consistency and scaleability of their functions.

    Market Analysis

    Newpage advises prospective market entrants, and their financiers, on gambling market dynamics and fundamentals, and work to bridge differences which may arise between regulators and operators, whether new or established.

    As well as in gaming, we have extensive international experience in the healthcare and water industries, and the packaging of substantial infrastructure projects as public-private partnerships.

      Taxation Regimes

      Newpage provides advice in relation to gambling tax regimes, both for prospective market entrants and existing participants.

      We advise governments in relation to gaming tax regimes and associated matters, such as the treatment of credit/bad debts, fines and penalties, hypothecation of premiums and levies, and the treatment of junket/independent agent commissions and revenue shares.